Friday, July 23, 2010

Personal Throwback

This is a new segment I'm starting to share some of the work I've done over the years that doesn't really belong in my portfolio but still is fun to look at.

The following pieces were my entrance portfolio to the Fairfax Academy for Communications and the Arts. Just a fun fact: that guy in the crazy eye makeup in the flash slide-show is me! The Academy was an incredible experience, and in my opinion it shows the positive side of education. More on that later, though. Here are my pieces - keep in mind these were done about three years ago. All are pencil and watercolor on watercolor paper, so they're a bit faint. Hope you like them!

Before you continue I will say that all the work I share on this blog as my own is my intellectual property. I only post stuff that I could prove in court is mine. If you use my work without my permission I will pursue you to the full extent of the law.

Drawstring linen beach ensemble with accessories
and two bathing suit options.

Day-to-Evening top - this one was actually recolored on my computer.

Jazzy Party Dress in silk and chiffon.

Day-to-Evening Ensemble: Oversize Cowl Sweater and Tweed Skirt with matching shoes.

Evening Gown in Crepe Silk with Chiffon detail and matching accessories. This was actually inspired by a Bûche de Noël

Ethereal Work Ensemble with matching boots and attache case.

Urban daytime look: Walking dress in cotton and embroidered cotton chiffon overlay. Cropped Trench, matching gloves and shoes.

Fanciful Evening Gown in Olive Bias-cut Satin. This shows something my newer designs lack: A reckless disregard for technical feasibility - I'll figure out how to make it later!

That's it for now. This will be a continuing segment, however. Especially as I continue to uncover old artwork and designs during my move.

Hope you liked them!
Nostalgically Yours

PS: I'm itching to come up with hat designs for some of these things...!

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  1. Just awesome. I love all the poses!

  2. ROMAN, it's Liz!
    I cannot even express how much I love the cropped trench look, and how hard I would wear that. It's phenomenal (I love the beach outfit and cowl sweater/tweed skirt too!)

  3. I like the new layout, way easier to read! I would so wear that jazzy dress.

  4. looks good next time you are drawing a bias dress tho add some more drapery to really show how the fabric truly acts. It would be much more form fitting in actuality. I absolutely love your urban daytime look and you never showed me you crinoline fashion design project!

  5. I love the way-back-when designs that we would draw without realizing we had no idea how to make them - Academy was great, I miss it and you Roman! I'd love to see your new stuff though, post some of your current sketches!


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