Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fun Facts - Rocky Road Ice Cream

I'm sure many of you know that "Rocky Road" ice cream was invented in 1929 by William Dreyer (as in Dreyer's Ice Cream). I'm sure many of you also know that the name came from the Stock Market Crash of around the same time. However, I'll bet that not a lot of you knew that Dreyer allegedly used his wife's sewing shears to cut up the marshmallows for the mix. When I heard this on a documentary on the History channel, I couldn't help but imagine the conversation they would have had sometime that evening:

Mrs. Dreyer: Entering the kitchen William, have you seen my sewing shears?

Mr. Dreyer: Yes, dear, they're here on the counter.

Mrs. Dreyer: She examines them Why are they covered in marshmallows?

Mr. Dreyer: I used them to cut up these marshmallows for a new ice cream flavor!

Mrs. Dreyer: She sighs Why couldn't you have used the kitchen scissors?

Mr. Dreyer: I couldn't find 'em...

Mrs. Dreyer: They're right here in this drawer, where they've always been! William, if I've told you once, I've told you a million times, my sewing shears are for fabric - not marshmallows, not ice cream - FABRIC!

Mr. Dreyer: Trying to change the subject I think I'll call it Rocky Road to make people smile, even through this economic trouble we're dealing with.

Mrs. Dreyer: The economy won't be the only thing on a "rocky road" if you don't stop being such an imbecile!

Nostalgically Yours


  1. i think you're being too nice. the conversation really goes, "YOU SONOFABITCH" as she takes the shears and stabs him to death. Then after a brief stint in Cook County jail where she sings He Had it Coming, she is released and continues her late husbands company under his name.


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