Saturday, July 24, 2010


Dear Readers,

You may have noticed some significant changes to my blog. I think they're a great improvement, but I still have a couple of minor tweaks to finish up, but things won't be changing very much for now.

You probably will also have noticed the tabs I've added: About Me, two Portfolio pages, and two "Ask" pages. Here's a brief overview:

The Portfolio pages are now home to a sample of my artwork and sewing portfolio. I'll update it every so often and keep you posted when I do.

The About Me page will soon contain a more detailed description of myself and my motivations for writing this blog.

The Ask pages are the new feature I wanted to talk to you about: Starting today, I will publicly answer your questions in two arenas: Etiquette (Ask a Gentleman) and Costume Design or Sewing (Ask a Costumer). You can e-mail your questions to, and please specify whether it is a question about Costumes/Sewing or Etiquette. Every two weeks I'll answer one of the two columns in turn. Please see each individual page for more details!

Hope you like the changes!
Nostalgically Yours

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