Thursday, July 8, 2010

N'awlins - Oh, Sweet Mystery of Life at last I've Found Thee...!

Oh, I know at last the secret of it all...!

Readers, I've found paradise on earth (Hint: it's in the Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans). I never thought I would see a place so perfectly marvelous... When my mother unveiled her scheme to find the Grail my aunt had been searching for since Katrina - a family home in New Orleans - never in a million years did I think we would ever go through with it. So, how could I possibly have imagined I would fall so madly in love with this city? The human mind is incredible. I've been here three days, but I feel like I've lived here my whole life. I can barely conceive of living anywhere else.

As a child of the Foreign Service, I moved countries every 2-4 years, and though we did have a permanent house in NoVA we returned to often, I can honestly say that this place feels more like home than anywhere else I've ever lived. Something about the Crescent City has captivated me, and thus I officially introduce a new column: "N'Awlins". In this column I'll discuss anything and everything I love (and hate) about the Big Easy. I'll even give you some tips on what to see and do if you're visiting the city! I'm just so excited about this new chapter in my life, and I really hope to share as much of it with you, my dear readers, as possible.

On that note, even paradise has its snags... I apologize for not writing yesterday. We were supposed to get cable and wifi then, but upon our arrival we found half our double shotgun cottage was without electricity- thank God the air conditioner, refridgerator, and pool filter are all on the side with power. Of course, the only cable hookups are on the black side, but instead of trying, failing, and charging us twice to come and fix it, the nice gentleman from the cable company recommended we wait for an electrician. Anyway, I'm sitting here typing away on my phone as the auto-correct tries my patience again and again (yes, I meant "need" and not "née"!!), and with all the shopping we had to do, it simply slipped my mind. Until we get Internet, I will do my best to keep you posted on the goings-on of our new home... just expect posts to be short and sweet (perhaps that's not so bad, after all)...

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!
Nostalgically Yours

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  1. If it's an iPhone you can turn AutoCorrect off in Settings > General > Keyboard :) x


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