Here is where I feature some of the strange and beautiful things I find around the internet. They were starting to crowd the main page, so I decided to put them all here! While the lists were originally in alphabetical order, here they are listed in order of discovery. If you find a broken link, would like to be featured in my links page, or have other questions or comments, feel free to contact me and let me know!

General Interest
Some of my favorite things around the internet.

We are a consumer society after all - make the best of it with these vintage and retro-minded shopping opportunities.

Historical Fashion and Costume

These are sites and resources related directly to Historical Costume, the Fashions of the past, and sewing projects in that vein.

Literature, Film, and Theatre
Rather self-explanatory. Don't you agree?

Near and Dear - Blogging Friends
Here I feature friends whose sites don't necessarily fit into the nostalgia theme but still warrant visiting. These include artist portfolios, personal blogs, and much much more.