Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tableau Tuesdays - Film By Neptune's "Red"

This week I was fortunate enough to work with Dani Coleman over at Films by Neptune on their upcoming feature film, "Red", a psychological thriller based on "Little Red Riding Hood" starring Jodelle Ferland. The film is still in pre-production as Neptune is trying to get the funding started via Kickstarter. Well as part of the Kickstarter initiative, Dani asked me to create two original, exclusive designs which you can have if you donate, along with all kinds of other amazing goodies! Here are some low-quality copies of the illustrations.


If you like what you see here, and are interested in helping out, I urge you to check out their Kickstarter video here! This is a project with lots of promise and they still have a ways to go before they reach their goal, so please give what you can and tell your friends! It's been an honor to be a part of this project and I can't wait to see it through.

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