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Personal Essay

Pencil Self-Portrait
I am a blogger trapped in the wrong century, but determined to make the best of it by bringing you the things I love about days gone by. I believe that what I have to say about the world is relevant and interesting, and I suppose that's the basis for all serious blogging. I'm here to share with you the deep-seated passion that exists in me. That light that makes me glow when I'm browsing a vintage store, or rummaging through a desk full of old photographs.
I've always been drawn to the past, especially through personal objects. There is nothing more awe-inspiring to me than to hold a little piece of someone else's life. To find a box of discarded love letters, to see the hand-stitched beading on a hundred-year-old wedding gown, to walk through the gardens of old kings and queens is a mystery so complex and a joy so simple that (for me, at least) nothing can compare.
I love a good story, and that's what drives my love of history. To touch those objects is to make myself a part (however small) of their stories, and nothing is more satisfying than to know you are a part of something bigger than yourself.

Me, bringing out the Fosse!

I'm not one to preach believing in any sort of higher being or following some sort of religion, but a story is something we can all understand, and can all relate to. What greater power is there than the story that flows through all of us who have lived, are living, and who ever will live? That is our story. That is history, and that is why I am here.
Charleston! Charleston!

On a less philosophical note, I have always believed that tasteful clothing and elegant behavior are the best ways to make yourself liked. I think etiquette and manners are an important part of civilized living, and that there is always room for a gentleman at the table. I don't think dressing well and acting politely makes you stuffy or snobby. I think that if courtesy goes hand-in-hand with fun and spontaneity, then life can be a dream.

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A Humorous Quote About Myself:
I'm just a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, violently stuffed into the carcass of the unknown - I'm like the turducken of hidden meaning...