Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just a Quick Note...

...to say thanks for the responses to yesterday's post. I wish to state publicly to you readers that photos for this past week's blog entries will be uploaded by this weekend. I return "home" tomorrow evening to finish packing for the move down here to NOLA. I'm truly bummed out about going back, but I'm ecstatic at the amount of visitors I received today, breaking the record for most visitors by about 20 people. This leaves me to womder why only three of you actually commented, but I shan't be ungrateful for your readership. Being back in DC brings the good fortune of having a computer with which to create more fully-rounded posts, including pictures. Of course blogger allows us writers to blog via email with pics, but I couldn't quite figure that out this trip- there's always next time!

Nostalgically Yours

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