Saturday, July 31, 2010

Murphy's Laws For Sewing

These were given to me by my Fashion Design teacher at Fairfax Academy for Communications and the Arts. Lots of fun, and very true:

  • Invariably, the seam you wanted to take out is not the one that actually gets ripped out.
  • The pattern you want to copy or alter will invariably be missing a key piece.
  • The fabric you forget to pre-shrink will always shrink the most in the wash.
  • Fusible interfacings will always fuse to the iron.
  • The overlock machine only eats the last seam on the final garment.
  • If you need six buttons in a pinch, there will never be more than five in your sewing box.
  • Permanent stains will always occur in the most visible and obvious places.
  • Fabric dye will always leaves streaks on the intended fabric, and stains on everything else.
  • When pricked with a pin or needle, the amount of blood that ensues will be in direct proportion to the cost of the fabric.
  • If you have to drop something out of your sewing box, it will inevitably be the box of pins without its top.
  • The bobbin thread will only run out when things are running smoothly.
  • Your lost needles and pins will only be found when walking barefoot.
  • Since opposites attract, facings will usually be sewn to the wrong side, and darts will be sewn inside out.
  • The collar points will always match until you've trimmed away all seam allowances.
  • The iron never scorches a garment until its final press.
  • The steam iron only burps rust onto light-colored fabrics.
  • The light on your sewing machine will only burn out late at night.
  • The threads in a gathering stitch will only break in the middle.
  • The scissors cut easiest past their intended stopping point.
Hope you seamstresses and seamters out there enjoyed this. Nostalgically Yours


  1. :-)))
    It's somehow unbelieveable but I posses a sewing machine and desperately tried to learn how to handle it. Without succes. I'm the most machine-sewing-untalented person ever!
    I do everything by hand.
    And I don't possess an iron. It's extremely dangerous for me to use it.
    Because I'm the most ironing-untalented ever born.

  2. lol at least i know now none of this is MY fault. it's just the UNIVERSE conspiring against me!

  3. @Joe's Blog: Some people just work better with a needle and thread!
    @Fem & Beaches: No, it is, in fact, your fault.


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