Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh the Treasures You'll Find!

Unless you've just recently bought a house, or are compulsively tidy, there's a good chance that your house is filled with as much stuff as mine is. Of course, my family has only been in this house for about twenty years, which isn't a lot when you think of homes that pass down through generations and generations. Anyway, if you've got
lots of stuff and are fond of nostalgia, as I have and am, then packing up to move can be quite a delightful experience, if somewhat of a chore.
Today we found a cane belonging to my great-grandfather. The handle of the cane was inscribed with his name and the year- 1920!
I was also able to take out my three most precious posessions: three vintage suitcases. One of them is an "Amelia Aerheart" brand suitcase. Another of them has travel decals from when the White Star Line still existed.
It's incredible to be able to hold something that has lived through so much. The stories these objects could tell!

I promise I will put up pictures for this and other articles that are missing them
either tomorrow or Wednesday... Something else I found in packing today:
the USB cable for my digital camera!

I hope your next move is as interesting as mine.
Nostalgically Yours


  1. I can't believe you have an Amelia Aerheart suitcase! How amazing!! I WANT PICTURES! You finding your cord better mean that will happen!

  2. The suitcases will have to wait 'til next week, but everything else will be up before Friday.


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