Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cast of Sound of Music to Appear on Oprah TOMORROW!

For those of you who don't consistently watch Oprah (myself included), I do want to announce to you musical theater fans that the cast of The Sound of Music will be the special guests on her show tomorrow! After the trip to Australia, this is likely my favorite part of Oprah's final season.

Andrews fawns over Plummer from afar... Who wouldn't? Rawr!

Of course, you may be thinking, Big woop! What's so special about that? I'll tell you what: for the first time since 1965, the children will perform as they did in the film! I'm not sure if Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews will sing - after all Andrews hasn't been able to really sing since her voice node surgery fiasco back in '97... Anyway, I just thought you musical theater/film aficionados would be interested to hear that! Don't miss it! I shan't.

If Julie Andrews can't make you smile, you're made of stone.

Interesting story about Julie Andrews and this movie: "The Sound of Music" and "My Fair Lady" both came out in the same award season. Andrews played Eliza Doolittle on Broadway opposite Rex Harrison. She was ousted in favor of Hepburn for God knows what reason. "My Fair Lady" stole most of the Oscars that year, including best picture. Audrey Hepburn received a big fat nothing. On the other hand, Andrews (who in turn replaced Broadway's Mary Martin in the role of Maria) was nominated for Best Actress and won a Golden Globe in the same category. I'm not trying to pick sides here, both ladies are practically perfect in their own right, but nothing good comes from trying to switch out genres between actresses like this. [Thanks to TJ at the The TJ Times for reminding me that it was "Mary Poppins" that came out in the same year as "My Fair Lady" and for which Andrews won the Oscar for Best Actress, not the "Sound of Music", as I stated above.]

More tomorrow!
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  1. I LOVE the sound of music - it's on my tivo at home, waiting for me to watch!

  2. Actually, it was "My Fair Lady" vs. "Mary Poppins" in 1964. "The Sound of Music" was one year later in 1965. Julie won her Oscar for "Mary Poppins" along with Rex Harrison winning for "MFL" ... the two original cast members together - with Audrey being shut out as you said.


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