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Halloween Costumes - Lady Gaga

I figured I should start off the month with a real bang, so here she is:

24-year-old Stefani Germanotta - aka Lady Gaga - exploded onto the music scene only a few years ago with her hit single "Just Dance". Since then she's become an international phenomenon not only in the music industry, but also in pop culture. She also dapples in politics as seen by her recent involvement in the Don't Ask Don't Tell debate. Gaga has always been an almost endless source of inspiration for Halloween costumes, and this year is no different! Here are some ideas if you go the Gaga route:

(A) Gaga Meets the Queen!
In making this you'll probably want to avoid latex since it's very difficult to work with and is not the most comfortable thing to wear. You best bet for finding anything like this is a thrift store. If you can't find something with these sleeves, inflate a beach ball and paint it red (be sure the paint is rubber-friendly!). Once it's dry, cut holes in the bottom and upper side to attach it to the dress. The effect will be more like this, but it's in the same style. You might have to use some stuffing to keep it from drooping too much - newspaper is a cheap option, but might be noisy. I recommend using tulle or another stiff fabric. The collar is an altered centerpiece from a party store, like this one. The red eye things can be done with glittery red makeup. A pair of red sunglasses could probably also work.

(B) The VMA Meat Dress
Of course this is going to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year. To make yours you'll need an alternative to raw meat, unless you'd like to go über-realistic, which I don't recommend. Instead, try and find a meat-themed novelty quilting fabric. If this is unavailable, you'll have to find some pink or white fabric and go at it with some fabric markers until you've got that meaty feeling. For a more tongue-in-cheek effect, I'd recommend a touch of the ridiculous with a squeaky toy hat in the shape of a steak or hamburger, and a bacon wallet. You can also round off the look with some sausage links made by stuffing a meat-colored stocking and tying it off every so often. (See next for hair)

(C) Gaga in Alexander McQueen at the VMAs
Take a thrift store gown (preferably in red) and use fabric paints to achieve the medieval panting look. After letting it dry, use heavy thread or safety pins to gather the skirt up onto one hip if you want to show off your armadillo heels. You can always leave the skirt down if you so desire. If you're averse to making a black tulle petticoat, whipstitch large bunches of black tulle under the hem of the skirt, to give that illusion. The armadillo heels can be achieved with a mesh and papier-mâché armature that fits over a pre-existing shoe and ties around the ankle. For the hair, get a platinum blonde long wig and dye the ends blue. For the headdress, find a plastic headband and hot glue some feathers sticking directly up (this may require some wire to stabilize them). Then spray paint the entire thing gold.

Here is Gaga's latest video: Alejandro (NSFW)

(D) The "Alejandro" Gun Bra
Take those high-waisted black wide-leg pants out of your closet ladies! If you don't own a pair (shame on you, they're incredibly slimming) then a trip to your thrift store will probably yield many results. If not, then any black pants will suffice. Purchase a cheap bra at any outlet store, and find two plastic toy guns (preferably with long barrels). You may have to use a saw for this, so be careful! Remove the barrel from the rest of the gun. Be sure to file down any sharp edges to avoid cutting yourself later. Put the bra on to test where you want the guns to be placed - remember they will be held up by a strap, so just make sure they're pointing the right way. Have a friend help you mark the positions of the barrels and make sure they're even. Take off the bra and crazy-glue the guns in place and let them dry completely. A simpler alternative is to use two paper towel tubes painted black. Use a luggage strap like this one to connect the two ends of the guns across the back of your neck. The rest of the bra straps are ultimately optional, but can also be achieved through the clever use of straps. Finally, a blonde version of this wig finishes up the look.

(E) The "Alejandro" Priestess
At your local thrift store, find a white lab coat, graduation gown, or seminary robe. Don't use a terry robe. You probably won't find something hooded, so also find something with a hood that is already white or that can be bleached. Remove the hood from the sweatshirt and attach it to the robe. There are three options for the red edges and crosses: sewing (slow), paint (messy), or duct tape (potentially tragic). I recommend the last option because is will give that rubber feel without the discomfort of actually wearing rubber. Always remember to double-side duct tape that comes in contact with your body. You will be sorry if you don't, especially with these panties.

(F) "Alejandro" Dancers
This is good for your more "conservative" or "male" Gaga fans. It's a very simple costume- biking shorts or cut-off leggins pulled up extra high, a pair of combat boots and this wig (all in black). You could also switch out the boots for fishnets and high heels if you so choose.

Here is Gaga featuring Beyoncé in "Telephone" - NSFW!

"Telephone" Prison Glam
Get out your hot glue guns, people! You'll need an over-sized black leather jacket, black knee pads, and a black bra and panty set. Using a boat-load of glittery gems and rhinestones from your local craft store, bedazzle everything to your liking. Let them dry. After that, prepare some cans for your hair. Make sure they're clean! Rolling your hair around them might not be enough to keep them in all evening, so you may want to anchor them with bobby pins - you can do this by poking holes into the can and inserting bobby pins. Don't forget the finger gloves - take a pair of cheap faux-leather gloves and cut across the hand, just above the thumb. If you want to trim them smaller, be sure the finger portion of the glove remains completely intact! Then, add fishnets and some knee-high boots and you're done!

"Telephone" Crazy Chef
This one will also involve some work. You'll need to find a sort of translucent plastic to cut and glue into the bodice. She's actually wearing an apron over a matching skirt, but the skirt can really be anything you like, since it's mostly hidden by the apron. Be sure the plastic is stiff, but not so stiff that you can't sit down or walk comfortably. Also be sure that you don't hurt yourself while cutting it out and gluing - always make sure to file down sharp edges! Since the outfit is translucent, you can go all the way and just wear the medical tape crosses over your nipples. If you'd like a touch more modesty, though, you can always wear the tape crosses on a nude bra. The hair might also pose a challenge. As you see in the video, she wears a couple of different headdresses with this outfit, so you'll have to pick and choose what you want on your head. Since that blue contraption might be hard to make, I recommend the latter of the two. If you're not up to making a phone out of hair, you can always just buy one of those toy phones to wear as a hat. Don't forget your bottle of "poison", as well!

"Telephone" Caution Tape Bikini
This is probably the simplest of the three. All you'll need is a roll of caution tape, which I've seen at party stores, but might also be available at military surplus stores. Over a nude bra and panty, just go crazy with the tape! To affix it to your person, use bobby pins around the underwear, and any other tape you use should not come in direct contact with your skin. Use it only on the Caution Tape itself.

Last, but not least, "Bad Romance"! (Also NSFW)

(J) The "Telephone" Escape Costumes
Another costume for friends or couples. These are the... things that Gaga and Beyoncé wear as they escape in the video. Buy two big floppy hats. They should have wire in them for shaping, but if not that's alright. With the hat on, have a friend measure your height (in inches) up to crown of the hat. Double that height. Now find out how many yards that is - never round down in these situations, you can always cut away, but it's harder to add! For instance: I am 6' tall. With a hat, I might be a total of 75". Double that and you have 150"; 36" to a yard, and I would need about 4 1/4 yards. Anyway, purchase your required amounts in a cheap polyester chiffon (black for Beyoncé and light blue for Gaga). Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and sew one selvage shut. Drape this over your hat and self with the open side facing the front. Add a belt and arrange the fabric to your liking and comfort (make sure you wear something underneath as chiffon is quite shear). Finally, purchase some fishnet stockings that match the fabrics and cut them into gloves - there you go!

(K) The "Bad Romance" Monster Costume
For the main part of the costume, you'll want to find a white body suit. For the headpiece, take a slightly too big white bathing cap and cut two holes for the eyes. Use some card-stock to make a white pointy paper crown. The shoes might be a bit tricky, but anything from white pumps to costume go-go boots, to the white anime boots available at party stores can work. Use whatever you can find. Do be aware that this costume has been referred to as the "sperm costume". If you wear it, be prepared for some unsavory humor.

Just so you all know, this was technically a total of eleven ideas. I won't be posting this many in a day again. If you have any specific questions about any of these costumes or their construction, please feel free to contact me! Also, remember to pass this on to your friends if you think they'd like it and check back all this month for more great costume ideas.

Happy October!
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