Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Artwork and Kittens!

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Since I've been a terrible, terrible person and have barely posted at all this morning, I'll make up for it by posting some more artwork and some pictures of the kittens - are we cool? Here are some of the illustrations I've done for my Croquis and Rendering class at AAU. To see the rest of what I uploaded, you can click here - you'll have to scroll down past the Fine Art to see the newer stuff.

Also, I know many of you have been anxious to hear about the kittens! I've started to wean them off the bottle and onto some Turkey-flavored baby food. Here they are after their bath:

They're just learning to walk, so they need their exercise!

Some of them still find drinking water from a bowl quite intimidating...

Others have taken to it quite well

Individual Portraits!

Cute Anecdote - Since I had no one to help me bathe the kittens, I tied up my t-shirt to make a pouch to keep the wet kittens warm while I washed the others. They quickly settled in, but apparently got bored by the time I had finished. As I left the bathroom I noticed this and just had to take a picture...!

I seeeeeee you!

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