Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Something that Just Isn't Right

I know I don't usually post anything politically charged because I don't like to polarize my readers. I felt I could make an exception here because this is not really a political issue, it is a human issue. As further explained in this article from The Advocate, Clint McCance, a member of an AK school board has posted semi-violent and extremely homophobic comments on his Facebook wall. You can read the article for more details, but I've written a letter to that school district's superintendent (dstanley@midlandschools.org) and you can read it here, if you'd like.

Superintendent Stanley:

My name is Roman Voytko Barrosse. I am a college student and recent High School Graduate, and have suffered through bullying at the hands of other students and indifference at the hands of school administration. It has come to my attention that a member of your school board, Clint McCance, has posted some hideously homophobic comments on his Facebook page, comments that amount to him expressing the desire that all gay people commit suicide. These comments indicate a frightening indifference to the suffering of people who might potentially be in his schools. He clearly would allow his personal beliefs to interfere with the education and safety of your students - a gross violation of what the education community stands for.

Whether or not Mr. McCance believes that homosexuality is right or wrong is entirely up to him. If he chooses to express these thoughts in cyberspace, that is his personal choice. However, when a school official publicly expresses the desire to cause harm to members of a certain group, or expresses the desire for that group to cause harm to themselves, that person has crossed the line.

To say that Mr. McCance's comments were private and not intended for public use would be entirely naive. In recent years it has become apparent that posting something on the internet is tantamount to printing a personal ad in a newspaper. Just about anyone can see it if they look carefully - as evidenced by the exposure this incident has gotten.

In light of the recent suicides of gay teens and children across our nation, I feel I need not explain the severe implications of inaction on the part of your administration. These words have clearly resonated across cyberspace and will send a clear message to the rest of the world as to what your schools stand for. Do you want that to be a message of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance or one of acceptance, love, and community?

Thank you for your time,
Roman Voytko Barrosse

PS: His usage of the homophobic slur "fag", derivative of "faggot", is also greatly distressing. This offensive and euphemistically violent expletive comes from the Middle Ages, when homosexual men were burned at the stake. The French word for fire wood - "fagot" - was translated into English and became associated with the GLBTQ community.

If I've offended anyone with these comments, I don't apologize. You have the right to believe what you want about anyone you want, but genuinely wishing someone harm is wrong.

Nostalgically (and angrily) Yours


  1. Yes, whatever the case, wishing someone harm, is definitely wrong! Thanks for this post

  2. Good letter! Unbelievable, that in one of the most developed nation in the world this things still happen.

  3. Thank you for speaking up for all those kids who suffer under this mans hatred.
    I doubt you will polarize any of your readers, nobody wants a Hitler on the school board.
    X David


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