Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More and More Kittens - Their New Home

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The kittens now have a new home! Their 16x20" box was quickly becoming quite stifling for the poor little dears, so I decided to build them a new habitat. Yes, you heard me correctly - BUILD. You didn't think I had it in me, did you? Well, I did. With some leftover wood from the shed in the backyard, a $13 saw kit from the Home Depot, some nails, a hammer, and just a touch of elbow grease, I managed to put together a rather solid half-wall to close off a corner of my bedroom:

The kittens are really starting to walk now, so they need more space to play and run around. I hope this can afford them that extra room. Their heating pad is under their bed there in the left hand corner. That's their new litter box on the right, and you can see about half of their white, square water dish - though I've been trying to water them regularly, their old box couldn't afford the room to leave the water with them all the time.

That litter box is home-made, by the way! Here's how:

1) Find an old box that you're going to get rid of anyway

2) Cut out one of the big sides of the box

3) Reinforce with tape - I used painter's tape to avoid fumes and chemicals

4) Draw a line one inch from the "bottom" of the box all the way around the interior sides

5) Cut out, and voila!

I suppose that whole explanation was more for anyone not too craft oriented. You probably could have figured that out yourselves... Now, to end with more kittens!

Once again, if you know anyone in San Francisco, New Orleans, or Washington D.C. who might be interested in one of the kittens, please contact me.

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  1. hhhmm let's see if I can convince Patrick to let me have one. We have been thinking of getting out cat a friend before the baby comes so he won't be jealous.


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