Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Orange One

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I'm sure you've all been dying to know more about what's going on with the kittens. Well, they're all pretty much potty trained and I'm teaching them to like dry food. They groom themselves now and no longer require baths. They're up and playing all the time, except when they sleep - they look like angels.

He's going to be quite a lap cat.

The Orange one has given me some trouble, as explained in previous posts. He's basically stayed at the vet for the total of about a week. He's in for the weekend again, but I feel it's a lot better than having him at home, constantly trying to figure out if he's okay. I'm not vet, after all. He's in great hands with the folks over at The Cat Hospital of Metairie. If you own a cat in the New Orleans area, I highly recommend this place.

I was really surprised to hear from the woman at Lakeview Veterinary Hospital - not because they weren't professional and courteous, but because I wasn't able to return to them after my first visit. She called to tell me that someone was interested in potentially adopting a kitten. It's a demonstration of the caring and professionalism of the folks at this vet that they called me despite my not being a client anymore. This place also gets high marks in my book because of this and their great pet healthcare.

Although I had originally thought to keep one of these kittens, I've decided against it. These aren't my kittens. They are my babies, but like any other parent my goal is to raise them to send them out into the world and make sure they have the best life possible. It's simply not my time. In the words of Sarah Brown, "I'll know when my [cat] comes along."

I'd also like to thank Donna Baumann for her contribution to the kitten fund. I'm going to post another video later this week to honor my promise for the contributors.

Please send your good vibes out to the Orange One so that he can get better and come home ASAP.

Thanks for sticking with me,
Nostalgically Yours

PS: I've gotten questions as to why I have yet to name the kittens. I have a thing about names. I don't think I would ever want to adopt a cat that already had a name. It wouldn't be my cat. I'm waiting for the future owners to name their cats, because I feel that's more appropriate. I hope that makes sense?


  1. I am still trying to convince Patrick to let me adopt one. How many are boys?

  2. This was a really good post. I hope my favorite will be better soon! He's a cutie. That's a really responsible decision of yours, and I know you will only find them the best of homes. You are a really great person Roman!

  3. I would do anything to adopt one of them. I swear I'm thinking every day about it. But it's impossible...
    Makes me really sad sometimes.
    I'm working about 80 hours a week, cats are not allowed in my apartement...
    I love your posts about them...
    Thank you.

  4. I think it is best for your own peace of mind not to name them, cats generally never come when called by name anyway. Sometimes my cat would curl up and sleep somewhere where I could not find her. She never responded to her name, I would simply shake her treat box and she would suddenly appear.
    I think you are wonderful and I wish I could write you a check.
    You should have a friend call up the local news station and tell them what you are doing, it is a great human interest story and if you got on the news the money would roll in for their care.
    Just a thought, worth a try.
    X David


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