Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Orange One - Continued

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As those who follow my blog will know, the little orange kitten is still at the vet. Recap: His sisters thought his penis was a nipple so the literally suckled it raw (I know that sounds like a crass sexual joke, but I couldn't think of any other way to put it...). Now he's at the vet for at least a few more days and vet bill is probably going to be in the ballpark of $500... I just think it's more important to get him all fixed up now rather than incur greater fees later on, you know?

I got to visit with him a little today at the The Cat Hospital of Metairie. The folks there are so sweet! I'm going to send them some pictures to put up on their website to get the word out. His sisters are doing well, gaining weight (though still a bit small for seven weeks). I've gotten the chance to use one of my favorite French phrases this week: Comme ils sont delicieux quand ils ferment les yeux...! Which is a fancy way of saying "aren't they cute when they're sleeping?"

In my research regarding adoption, I've also heard rumors that there are people in this world who seek out kittens to adopt in order to a) feed them to snakes or b) use them as bait in dog fights. In my Candide-esque optimistic sensibilities, it's difficult to imagine that anyone could do something so awful to a defenseless creature. Despite this, I'm forging ahead with my plans for an adoption campaign that will put Soviet Communist Propaganda to shame!

I've actually been really good about not posting lolCats... Be proud!

In other news, the Calico really likes the rug in the back room...

If my aunt Victoria is reading this: no worries, they know how to clean themselves now and are no longer constantly covered in cat food! I'd like to give a shout out to Donna Baumann, our second donor to the Kitten Kause. The above video is dedicated to her.

I'z on your feet - taking a nap!

Love, Peace, and Kittens,
Nostalgically Yours


  1. Oh they have grown and are so cute! How is the poor little fellow at the vet going to live this down when he gets older?

  2. awww the calico looks like Bartuck from Anastasia with her big ears :-) The orange one looks like he has grown he is so cute!! I am still working on Patrick trying to get him to let me adopt one, I promise I won't feed it to anything, I might over feed it as Camden (who was also a shelter kitten) has quite the belly on him now lol

  3. Cute! I'm more determined to get my own place now!

  4. I think that the Orange one is totally well but the vet office loves him so much they don't want to give him back! :) I hope he is back with his sisters soon, or even a brand new home of his own <3


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