Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kitten Update

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I took the kittens to the vet today for their first real exams. Unfortunately there were some problems with his privates due to suckling by his sisters. Orphaned kittens tend to have a suckling complex since they cannot suckle at will from their mothers. Luckily, mine have stopped since being weened, but the damage was already done... The Orange One required a minor surgical procedure and is staying at the vet's over the weekend. I'm sick with worry and I miss him terribly. I know he'll be alright, but I can't help it. Please keep him in your thoughts and send him plenty of happy vibrations...

On a lighter note, the other kittens are doing just fine, though they are a bit underweight, according to the doctor. She encouraged me to let them eat as much as possible to keep them growing at a healthy rate. They have noticed their brother is gone, though. They're not playing as much as they normally do. Here are all four kittens yesterday, in a continuation of the video posted then:

Also, I would like to thank Angela Steele for being the first to donate to my Kitten fund! This video is dedicated to her! Thank you, Angela. The money will be going toward their vet bill.

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