Thursday, September 9, 2010

N'Awlins - WHO DAT

As I sit here typing away, dripping an afternoon rainstorm off into a puddle on the floor, I contemplate the wonder of Saints spirit here in New Orleans. A spirit I have yet to encounter anywhere else in my world travels. When I had to go to an Emergency Care center a few weeks ago due to a nasty infection, upon leaving I was greeted by a nurse who said: "Here you are, sir! Your prescription, our card, and a Saints schedule!". At the bank last week we were offered official Saints fan debit cards. The pharmacies and supermarkets here have entire aisles dedicated to Saints paraphernalia!

Yesterday my sister came home from school excited because they had announced today as a "free jean day". Here in the city most schools require uniforms, but have special days when students may wear jeans as long as they bring a dollar. This jean day was special, though. Students were allowed to wear jeans free of charge as long as they wore a Saints t-shirt. Aside from confusion on my grandmother's part (Which saint is she supposed to dress up as? Saint Catherine? Saint Joan of Arc? How could they do this on such short notice?!?), we were all rather excited about her getting to dress up for the Saints season kick-off. Of course, being the seam-monger that I am, I insisted I decorate a shirt for her myself.

So, she looked through her closet and found a plain black t-shirt while I dug through my fabric bin to find the remnants of last year's Halloween costume (if you have me added on Facebook you can look through my pictures, otherwise you'll have to wait 'til my Halloween costume posts later in the year). Then, I stayed up until two in the morning appliquéing gold brocade onto black jersey, and here is the result:

(Those are my coffee and beignet Mardi Gras beads, by the way)

The t-shirt features the traditional "Who Dat" chant, which is a short section of the entire thing:

"Who dat? Who dat?
Who dat sayin' dey gonna beat 'dem Saints?"

Another popular slogan is "Geaux Saints!", but that involves too many letters for me, thank you very much.

In short, I'm quickly falling in love with New Orleans. This is certainly the first time I've actually been interested in football, and that's certainly different. There's something about this place...

More later,
Nostalgically Yours

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  1. My mom never liked football until she got with her boyfriend who is from New Orleans. Now she is very annoying about the saints and I don't like it. Ha. My sister's roommate is also from there and would love love love that shirt. I decorated her graduation cap with a fleur de lys in rhinestones.


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