Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mad Men

No, it's not a post about the hit television series. Today I've decided to take it easy and post some of my favorite vintage television advertisements.

Golly! Sugar from sugar cane?? This is an old advertisement!

Let Dove cream your face...

If it doesn't give her power and punch, it might at least destroy the ozone...

Before the Kool-Aid guy became a dangerous criminal. In fact, this was before he even grew legs... Why is the pitcher talking to me, mommy? Don't drink the Kool-Aid, kids!

Don't you miss the days when children's cartoons could be spokespeople for tobacco?

This commercial was actually filmed in the early 1970s. The gag being that all the cars featured in the ad (save the Volkswagen) had since been discontinued.

Why do British people sound so much more genuine when reading a script? I, too, love rubbing dish liquid all over my hands to prove to my daughter how soft my hands are.

Finally, why living in the "Nuclear Age" wasn't that great for your skin.

Use Dorothy Cosmetics in your next Nuclear Fallout emergency!

Thanks to The Hair Hall of Fame for inspiring this post!

Nostalgically Yours


  1. Because I totally want to have my face irradiated just to see if one beauty cream is better than another . . . lol. All of these were very fun to watch!

  2. I LOVE when a random male hand appears out of nowhere to caress the woman's face in the first Dove commercial. so clever!


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