Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just a Fun Labor Day Weekend Activity

Dear Female Readers, I require your assistance with a project for a school - I'll be designing a collection based in part on your answers to this 10-question survey I've developed. Please e-mail your answers to Your help is greatly appreciated, and your privacy guaranteed. I'll post the project once it's finished, too! For Demographics, please state your full date of birth: 1-What is your favorite outfit and why? 2-Which is your favorite clothing store and why? 3-If money weren’t an issue, where would you shop and why? 4-If money weren’t an issue, would you consider buying designer clothing? Why or why not? 5-Please arrange these in order from most to least important: a) Comfort: How does it feel? Can you move comfortably? b) Fit: Does the outfit flatter you? c) Practicality: How often will I wear it? Can I use it for more than one kind of occasion? d) Style: Do you like the looks of the garment in general? e) Quality: What sort of fabric is it made from? Is the garment well-constructed? Will it last? In the above list, is there something missing that you consider when you shop? 6-Aside from price, what is your biggest frustration when shopping? 7-What are some specific things you look for when shopping that aren’t available in the marketplace? 8-What celebrities (if any) or other people do you look up to in terms of personal style? 9-Which clothing brands or stores do you feel cater directly to you? Why? 10-Do you feel like you are well-represented in the Fashion Industry? Why or why not? Thanks ever so,

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