Friday, September 2, 2011

Folio Friday - "Bals"

This past year saw the (probably inevitable) demise of Borders. Don't this is some tirade about the slow rattling death of printed media, I just wanted to reaffirm my belief in actual books and, through this new segments, share with you some books I either own and adore or am looking forward to getting sometime soon (finances permitting). Why do I always feel the need to create titles that feature Annoying Alliteration? I just think it's fun, so deal.

I spotted this on Fashion School Daily, the daily blog for students and faculty in AAU Fashion Department. I must say I'm drooling at the possibilities...

"From the twilight of the Romanov dynasty through the les annees folles of Art Deco Paris to the jet-set seventies, Bals explores the nine most exceptional private costume parties of the twentieth century."
-from the Assouline website

Though this title wouldn't have been my first choice (that's 'balls' in French, not a typo), I definitely want this book. I absolutely covet large picture-reference books. They are my favorite source of inspiration. There's something about turning the pages and feeling the weight of the book in your lap that makes the pictures seem even more special - not to mention the fact that resolution is almost never a problem! Here's a sneak peek of what to expect inside:

"Since the guests were asked to arrive in gondolas rather than in motor launches, the scenes outside as well as inside the palace... gave the impression of a Canaletto come to life." -Cecil Beaton, describing the scene at Don Carlos de Beistegui's 1951 ball in Venice's Palazzo Labia.

Basically, it looks like it will be a huge drool-fest for anyone who loves historical costumes as much as I do and would be a brilliant addition to any real-life library. Normally I would put a link to this product on the Amazon website since I've decided to whore myself out to them just a little (thus my lack of a tirade on the death of Borders), but this is actually a product that Amazon doesn't carry! So, instead click here to visit the Assouline website and purchase this beautiful book.

Farewell on this First Folio Friday,

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