Saturday, August 7, 2010

Personal Throwback

Well, I guess this is really only a Personal Throwback if you count last semester as a time gone by. I guess it does count, technically. Regardless, these next few pieces are by personal request.

In my first Personal Throwback post, friend of the blog Sophia Almada asked to see some more recent work, so here it is! This is my second collection for my Fashion Design class at AAU. The first two pictures are what's called mood boards. As their name implies, mood boards set the tone for a collection, as well as displaying the fabrics and colors that do the same.

From left to right, the fabrics are: A) Silver Art Deco Leather, B-D) Patterned Reversible Wools, E) Quilted Silver Poly-Blend, F) Silver Satin Silk, G) Bronze-Washed Chiffon, H) Black Lace.

Anne Hathaway was my muse. My concept was bringing the sctructured undergarments of days gone by to the outside of the garments to add a decorative touch. One of my favorite things about historic fashion is seeing the undergarments that create the shape of an era.

Dress in F. Jacket in A.

Blouse in H; Skirt in F. Jacket in D with G bustle.

Left: dress in F; Jacket in E. Right: Suit in C.

Suit in D; Blouse in G.

Evening Gown in F; Corset and Bustle/Train in G.

Hope you enjoyed it!
Nostalgically Yours

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  1. Aw yay I'm tagged! I watched you make the first two pieces! Awesome work. Love the last one with the corset!


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