Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project Runway - New Season! (Thoughts, no spoilers)

Okay, how many babies is Heidi Klum going to have? I can barely remember a season where she's not bursting with baby happiness...!

(On a related side note, I assume you've all seen the previews for the "Pregnancy Pact" Lifetime movie. Is there anything that can't be turned into a TV movie?)

Seems to be a pretty good group of designers so far, but it's hard to say so early into the season - not to mention the episode.

Why are the designers always so judgmental of unusual methods of creation? So Ping's trying to see the motion of the fabric on herself; stop staring at her like she's an alien. They're probably just jealous because she's the same size as her model...

I thought Anthony would be annoying, but he's actually rather charming!

Lots of West Coasters this season - represent!

It's interesting to note that I believe anyone with experience in costume will have a distinct advantage. Think about it: costume designers have to do the most with the fewest resources and in the shortest time frames. They'll also know tons of shortcuts to getting similar effects with less work. (Just look at Emilio's work)

There's also always one designer who is never seen sewing, and is always seen wandering around the workroom giving advice to the other contestants. What's with that?

How do models not go bald? With all the sheer torture their hair goes through, it's incredible to think they can go from gig to gig without completely destroying their hair.

Why is Nicole Richie starting her own clothing line?

I also wasn't convinced by Anthony's fabric choice, but he surprised me again! :)

Overall this seems to be building up to a pretty decent season for PR. I won't give away what happened, but the winner totally deserved it - and in hindsight the "loser" was pretty obvious.

Go watch it now!!

Nostalgically Yours!

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