Thursday, January 7, 2010

Food For Thought

If people go to heaven after they die, does that mean they're not allowed to worry about us anymore? Think about it: "heaven" to most is a place of rest and relaxation where earthly troubles are no more. So, does that mean our ancestors aren't watching over us? Because, if they were, wouldn't they be at least a bit worried? Or do they have insight into the future, or into the deeper meanings of what we as mortals barely grasp?

I like to think that loved ones who have passed on are watching over us, keeping us out of harm's way, but is that selfish? Is my attachment to my dead ancestors keeping them in the physical plane too long? I don't feel like any of us would have that much power of what goes on, though. I feel like any lingering attachment would have to come from them.

Just some thoughts on the afterlife. I think it would be cool to watch over my descendants :)

Think about it.

Nostalgically Yours

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